Annual District Themes

Since the 2007-08 school year, we have followed a tradition in the CSA District of selecting an annual intellectual theme to use as the structure from which we teach our most important child development and preparation for adult life lessons. The theme is chosen in alignment with our five core philosophies – continuous progress/mastery learning, whole child, developmental approach, high expectations and internal motivation.

Our CSA District-wide theme for 2018-19

Decades of research clearly demonstrate that regularly saying thank you makes people happier and that developing and internalizing the mindset of gratitude leads to success in life in general.

The fundamental premise behind the CSA character education program is that strong character is developed in children by watching the behavior of adults, especially adults at home and school, in concert with teaching children the essential social skills of getting along with others and working together to solve problems.

With young children, it starts with the essential social skill of saying Thank you. For more mature students, it is about learning and reflecting on the benefits of gratitude which research connects to happiness and success in life.

In the CSA District, we strive, in partnership with parents, to develop and nurture the disposition of gratitude that will cultivate a life of happiness and success.


Our Theme Posters from years past.

CSPA 2017-18 Theme Poster


CSPA 2016-17 Theme Poster


CSPA 2015-16 Theme Poster


CSPA 2014-15 Theme Poster