charyl's signature cornflowersCharyl Helen Stockwell

1986 – 2001

Charyl Helen Stockwell painted “The Coneflowers” watercolor featured to the right before losing a ten year battle with a brain and spinal cord tumor just six weeks before her 15th birthday. She was an intelligent, talented and compassionate young person who turned her trials into inspiration for others. To meet her educational needs, her father designed a unique public school academy that allows students to progress at their own pace and to express talents in their own individual ways. The mission of the academy is to provide “a safe place for children to grow from childhood through adolescence.” Charyl attended the academy from the time it first opened its doors in 1996 and was a role model throughout her time at the academy. She successfully completed her program and graduated in 2001. Her valiant struggle for life and friendship inspired students, teachers and parents.

In her honor, the academy was renamed Charyl Stockwell Academy in June of 2001, just one month before her passing. She was a great ambassador of the academy, sharing all of her extensive knowledge and love of the school with family, friends, academy stakeholders and all those from the surrounding local communities who expressed interest in learning about the academy.

Charyl would be pleased and proud to know that her beloved school has grown to an enrollment of well over 1,000 students, has expanded to include a high school program, and is ranked as one of the top performing school districts in the county and state.

Academy Name Change Resolution to CSA

Charyl’s Special Mom Nomination (1997)

composite of pictures of Charyl Helen Stockwell