Student Enrichment Program

The purpose of the Student Enrichment Program (SEP) is to provide quality, warm, caring, safe and enriching before and after school activities and child care for students attending CSA District schools.

In fulfilling this purpose, SEP develops, supervises, and administers all before and after school programs for CSA District schools including Licensed Child Care, Teen Scene, After School Enrichments, Athletics, Secondary Campus Shuttle, Elementary Extended Carpool, Secondary Study Sessions, Driver’s Education and Tutoring/Summer School. More information about Student Enrichment Program activities can be found in the individual school sections of this website.

Participation in any SEP-run activity requires payment of an annual, non-refundable, one-time, one-per-family program registration fee. Individual activity fees may also apply.

children playing with legos middle school cheerleaders FIRST Robotics robot and students playing elementary soccer

Student Enrichment Services