Michigan Core Curriculum/Common Core

The core curriculum in the CSA District provides college-preparatory learning experiences in reading, writing, spelling, speaking, listening, handwriting, mathematics, social studies, science and technology, foreign language, art, music, and physical education across the K-12 curriculum. Activities that promote character development, physical development, health education, career awareness and library skills are integrated into the core content curriculum areas.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program at CSPA High School

Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy is now an International Baccalaureate Diploma programme school (IB). After much research, we determined that the IB programme matched the mission and core philosophies of CSA District. The programme is available to all juniors and seniors. The level of rigor needed in order to be successful in the IB programme is a continuation of the rigor that our juniors and seniors experienced during their time at CSA elementary school and CSPA middle school. The IB Learner Profile is a match to the CSA District mission and core philosophies.

The IB Diploma Programme is recognized by all 2,200 colleges and universities in the United States as one factor in the admission process. Successful completion of the IB programme also helps students gain access to many university scholarship programs and also affords them the opportunity to be granted college credit, thus reducing the college financial burden for students and their families.

Our “IB for all” model offers every junior and senior at CSPA the opportunity to attempt the IB curriculum. We set the high expectation that every student can master the skills needed to be successful with the IB curriculum and we use our continuous process mastery learning approach to ensure that our students master this curriculum. Students and families make individual choices about sitting for all or for some of the IB Diploma exams in the student’s senior year.

The IB Diploma Programme is another opportunity for CSPA High School students to graduate with a world-class education and gain admission and access to every college and university in the United States. If you have any questions about the IB Diploma programme, please contact Steven Beyer, CSPA Principal, at / (810) 225-9940.