Academically Gifted Program

CSA District is dedicated to providing academically gifted students, Kindergarten through High School, with a challenging and optimized school experience. The Academically Gifted Program provides:

  • Acceleration of instruction in core mathematics and literacy study;
  • Curriculum which moves beyond basic fact understanding and skills to complex learning experiences that involve multiple ideas, uncertainties, and abstractions which causes students to modify, combine and extend what they know;
  • Opportunities for appropriate pacing; moving more rapidly when understanding comes quickly or at a slower, more appropriate pace to allow for a depth or breadth of investigation;
  • Opportunities for in-depth learning and open-ended tasks that respond to the student’s curiosity and passions, and
  • Guidance in self-assessing one’s work.

Within the multi-age configuration, students identified as gifted are clustered. This allows the student to learn with and from intellectual/academic peers. Clusters allow a teacher to have a significant number of students for group for learning experiences. The program is supported by a faculty that has special training and experience in gifted education.

For more information about the Academically Gifted Program in the Charyl Stockwell Academy District, please contact Susan Deaner, Academically Gifted Consultant at