Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a public school academy (PSA)?

Public school academies are independently operated public schools. There is no tuition charge to parents because funding comes from state and federal tax dollars. In addition to adhering to all of the same federal and state rules and regulations, and meeting the same academic requirements as traditional public schools, public school academies have additional accountabilities. They are overseen by their PSA authorizer or sponsor as well as their school board and are also held accountable by their parents. In addition, public school academies must be non-sectarian and adhere to all state and federal educational, health and safety regulations.

Is there tuition to attend CSA District schools?

CSA District does not charge tuition. All CSA District schools are free, state-funded public schools open to all students between the ages of 5 – 18 years old who reside in Michigan.

How do I obtain a Student Enrollment Application?

Complete the online Request Enrollment Information form or contact the Admissions Coordinator at 810-632-5473.

How do I enroll my child?

New students under the age of eighteen years old must be enrolled by their parent or legal guardian. Families with students new to CSA District Schools should apply by completing the Student Enrollment Application (one per child) and return the completed application to the Hartland campus via:

  • Mail: Charyl Stockwell Academy / 9758 E. Highland Road, Howell, MI 48843 / Attn: Admissions
  • Fax: 810-632-5586
  • Scanned email to the Admissions Coordinator at

Is my child guaranteed a seat if I submit an enrollment application?

If there are enough seats available to accommodate all of the applications we receive, your child will have a seat. If we receive more applications than available seats, we will conduct a random selection drawing or public lottery (held in early February and conducted by a third party) to fill any available seats. When all seats are filled, the remaining names will be wait-listed in the order they were drawn.

Are siblings guaranteed a seat?

Siblings of a currently enrolled student are given sibling preference subject to seat availability.

Age Requirements for Incoming Kindergartners

Incoming Kindergarteners must be 5 years old on or before September 1 of the year in which they plan to attend.

Applications Guidelines

We will accept applications up to one year prior to the anticipated enrollment year. Prior to enrolling, parents of Kindergarten and early elementary students are invited and encouraged to participate in a guided tour of the Academy. The tour provides an opportunity to experience classes in session and CSA District teaching philosophies, and discover if this is the best environment for your child.

All current CSA District students must re-enroll to maintain their seat for the next school year. A re-enrollment form is sent home with the student mid-year and reminders are posted electronically in our District newsletter, the Tuesday Times. During the re-enrollment period, parents may indicate on the re-enrollment form their intent for additional sibling enrollment. Seats are filled subject to availability.

Parents/guardians must provide copies of the following for enrollment consideration:

  • Completed Enrollment Application Form
  • Court papers allocating parental rights and responsibilities, or custody (if appropriate)

Should a seat become available for your child, additional paperwork will be required:

  • Completed Release of Records Form
  • Completed Record of Behavior Intervention
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Current Health Appraisal Form with Immunization Record (or waiver)

Final enrollment at CSA is contingent upon receipt and confirmation of the accuracy of the information submitted. A student’s enrollment cannot be confirmed until all records have been received and reviewed.

CSA and CSPA are both a School of Choice and as such, a student who has been suspended or expelled by another public school may be denied admission. The Executive Director or designated administrator will facilitate a thorough review of the circumstances resulting in the suspension and/or expulsion and make a decision based on the discoveries.