Mission, vision and goals

CSA District Athletic Program motto: Developing Individuals while Building a Team.

The CSA District Athletic Program perpetuates the CSA District Mission statement of “a providing a safe enriching place for your children to grow through adolescence, while providing those children with specific learning activities that allow each of them to meet and exceed the academic standards set by the state and federal governments.”

The CSA District Athletic Program:

  • Incorporates the Smart Character Choices and Habits of Mind built into students’ academic day and continues their individual development while building a team.
  • Is controlled and organized and continues to meet students’ needs as well as enhance their Character Traits of Respect, Kindness, Responsibility, Getting Along, Work Ethic and Optimism.
  • Teaches students how to set goals, be physically fit, and challenges them individually as well as working together as a team.
  • Shows students the art of true competition, that winning and losing are required because these outcomes enable the process. Winning is the outcome of striving to win, as well as goal attainment
    Cross Country team at regionals
    Varsity Volleyball Team