Program History Timeline

2005-06 Gymnasium built at CSA.

2006-07 The first sports teams were introduced: Middle School (MS) Boy’s Basketball, MS Girls Basketball and MS Girls Cheer. In addition, scrimmages with other schools took place during the sports season and enrichment camps were developed to introduce these and other sports.

2007-08 CSA joined the Mid Michigan Independent Athletic Association (MMIAA) and expanded to include MS Boys Varsity Basketball, MS Boys JV Basketball, 5th grade only Boys Basketball, MS Varsity Girls Basketball, MS Girls Cheer.

2008-09 Athletic program expanded to include High School (HS) Cross Country, HS Boys Varsity Basketball, HS Girls Cheer, MS Varsity Boys Basketball, MS JV Boys Basketball, MS Varsity Girls Basketball, MS Girls Cheer.

2009-10 Athletic program added MS Cross Country, MS Soccer, HS Boys JV Soccer.

2010-11 Athletic program added MS JV Girls Basketball. Moved HS Boys JV Soccer to Varsity status.

2011-12 Athletic program added MS Golf, HS Boys Golf and HS Boys JV Baseball.

2012-13 Athletic program added HS JV Boys Basketball, MS Varsity Volleyball, MS JV Volleyball and HS JV Volleyball.

2013-2014 HS JV Baseball became HS Varsity Baseball. Added HS Varsity Volleyball.

2014-2015 Probationary year for high school sports with the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA).

2015-2016 Added HS Varsity Boys and Girls Skiing. First year eligible for MHSAA tournaments. All HS varsity teams participated in high school Class D District and Regional competitions.

2017-18 Added HS Boys and Girls Track. In application process to join Michigan Independent Athletic Conference (MIAC).