Vocal Music Program

Middle School Concert Choir
No previous experience is necessary to join this middle school ensemble. The group rehearses different genres of music, learns basic music theory and music history, and works diligently to incorporate and relate to the Middle School curriculum. During the year, this ensemble performs three evening concerts, a special performance at CSA Elementary School, at the CSPA Volunteer Tea and other opportunities.

High School Chorale
Middle School Choir experience is recommended but not required for this high school ensemble. The group learns different genres of music, adds to their knowledge of music theory, aural skills and music history while working diligently to incorporate and relate to the High School curriculum.  This group perform three evening concerts a year and at the CSPA Volunteer Tea.

Honors Chorale
This is an audition-based group that meets outside of normal school hours. The rehearsal schedule is set at the beginning of each semester.  This ensemble performs high level literature at CSPA music concerts, the CSPA Volunteer Tea, CSA District Board meetings, school events, school ceremonies, graduation and events outside of CSPA including conferences and community outreach programs.  Members of this group can be called upon to perform on very short notice and retain a set list of pieces ready to perform at any time.  The Honors Chorale recently visited the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan where they performed in a concert and took part in a clinic with the University of Michigan Choral Director, Dr. Jerry Blackstone.  Auditions into this group are open during the entire school year.