Description of Program

As a high performing public school in the state of Michigan, Charyl Stockwell Academy provides elementary school-aged children with a rigorous, developmentally appropriate education that is differentiated to meet the needs of each individual child. Intellectual rigor in a warm and nurturing environment free of coercive methods and interventions is central to the mission of our academy. We are committed to providing a need-fulfilling environment that educates the whole child, while holding high expectations for each student’s academic and intellectual learning. Our Smart Character Choices character education program, based on internal motivation theory, provides social, emotional, and character building experiences that are embedded in daily learning activities that support children in their moral development, and shapes the caring and optimistic culture of the school.

CSA elementary classrooms consist of multi-age groups of students taught by Highly Certified Teachers in a team teaching model, an environment much like that of a traditional family. Teachers utilize research-based best practices in instruction to optimize the learning for each student, constructing highly engaging, active experiences for students based on a balance of formative and summative assessments and student interest. In lower elementary classrooms, instruction is focused on literacy and mathematics competency development, integrating science and social studies content. Upper elementary classrooms integrate literacy and mathematics concepts through social studies and science content, thus shifting the emphasis from learning to read to using reading to learn. The elementary program also offers art, music and physical education.

The intellectual approach that is central to instruction at CSA starts at Kindergarten and is significantly integrated into all classrooms throughout the Academy. The intellectual life of young children is active and rich; our commitment is to nurture and develop the intellectual habits of mind that are critical to happiness and success as they journey through their K-12 school experience.