CSPA 2017 SAT Scores

CSPA SAT Scores are Top in Livingston County

The CSA District seeks to prepare students for college, work and life. As a college preparatory school, CSPA has central to its mission preparing students to gain acceptance and be successful at exemplary four-year colleges.

Michigan has identified the national SAT test, as the gold standard for measuring readiness for college. Every high school junior in Michigan is required to take the test. It is important that CSA and CSPA teach the right things in the right ways so that our students can get into the best schools. Scores aren’t everything. It is important that our students have character, know how to get along and work with others, and know how to think and speak well. However, test scores do help to get our students into college.

CSPA students who were tested in April 2017 achieved an average score of 1098 on the SAT. For comparison, the state average in 2017 was 1008. Howell scored 1032, Hartland 1086 and Brighton 1092.