Curriculum & Instruction

The school day and the program are structured to provide academic experiences within a model of continuous progress mastery learning that supports students by taking an intellectual approach where their achievement is measured by authentic mastery of subjects. Teachers employ best practices such as formative assessment leading to differentiation of instruction and project/problem-based learning. During class, students may participate in Socratic Seminars, write papers, work and wrestle with complex math problems, create presentations, conduct experiments, and generate and test hypotheses.

CSPA High School teachers spend a great deal of time researching, collaborating, planning and reflecting on their work with students. This guarantees that the work is rigorous and aligned with the expectations of highly selective universities while keeping in mind the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of each student.  These professional activities manifest in teachers’ daily interactions with students in class and in the advisory program.

These activities are the “Habits of Mind” that align with the “IB Learner Profile” that we seek to develop in our students. While the world continues to change rapidly about them, the qualities of persistence, clear and accurate communication, critical thinking and creative problem solving, collaboration, and finding humor, wonderment and awe in the world around them are the qualities that will prepare students for whatever the future offers and earn them admission to top colleges and universities across the country.

The 2017-18 High School Program of Study shows how credits are earned, and what is necessary to satisfy the Michigan Merit Curriculum and CSPA graduation requirements.Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy is an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme School.

2017-18 CSPA High School Program of Study

The structure of the Michigan Merit Curriculum allows little variability among high schools in the courses they offer each year, but there is a difference in the outcomes each produces. The approach of CSA District to education is research-based and has resulted in CSPA High School consistently ranking among the highest in Livingston County in average SAT composite without “teaching to the test.”

Courses offered at CSPA High School are delivered in a way that genuinely holds adolescents in high regard. We believe that providing rich learning opportunities in an environment that appreciates their powerful capacity to learn and achieve results in students who know and like themselves, get along with others, and work collaboratively to solve problems.