Description of Program

Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy High School strives to develop young adults who are prepared for the rigors of elite colleges and the demands of the contemporary work world by expecting excellence and encouraging the pursuit of expertise.

CSPA recognizes that adolescents have the need for relevance as well as the potential for excellence. The core philosophies and innovative practices of the CSA District support these dual pursuits in an ideal way. Students at CSPA are gradually given more responsibility and choice in their work, while being supported and mentored through the advisory program. Teachers at CSPA have weekly consultations with students to help them develop their high school plan and discover the joy of intellectual engagement.

Underclassmen at the high school move through an integrated curriculum that is focused on knowledge and skills geared toward the future college student. Classical studies are blended with contemporary material and ideas, and innovative instructional practices such as team teaching, Socratic seminars, and project-based learning are used. Students are encouraged to deeply investigate interests of their own through Honors projects they design on their own and complete with the assistance of a teacher-advisor. Upperclassmen pursue courses and projects aligned with their college plans, such as Advanced Placement courses and internships with professionals in the community in addition to their independent honors projects and capstone Senior Exhibition.

The strong relationships and high expectations that help to define the CSA District way at the high school level result in students who understand that they are valued as intellectual, capable and moral beings who believe in possibility and their ability to meet their goals, achieve success, and realize happiness as adults.