Student Enrichment Program

The Student Enrichment Program (SEP) develops, supervises and administers all child care and before and after school programs for students attending the Charyl Stockwell Academy District.

SEP for High School students includes Athletics, After School Enrichments, Sports Camps, Tutoring/Summer School, Morning Study Session and Secondary Campus Shuttle. Participation in all SEP-run activities requires payment of an annual, non-refundable, one-time, one-per-family registration fee. Individual program fees may also apply.


Sports open to CSPA High School students through the CSA District Athletic Program are soccer (boys and girls teams),  volleyball (girls), cross country (boys and girls teams), track (boys and girls teams), cheer (girls), basketball (boys and girls teams), baseball (boys), golf (boys and girls teams) and ski team. CSPA High School is a member of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) as a Class D school and the Michigan Independent Athletic Conference (MIAC). Athletics is a pay to participate program.


After school activities, classes and camps are developed and supervised by SEP. Enrichments are scheduled throughout the school year and include (but are not limited to) Chess Club, Creative Expressions and Robotics. Fees apply.

Campus Shuttle

CSPA families have the option of using the Campus Shuttle for transport of students and/or their siblings to either campus before school for drop-off and/or after school for pick-up. The Campus Shuttle allows families to choose either campus for drop-off or pick-up; students are shuttled to the appropriate campus as needed. Use of the Shuttle is a five day per week commitment to the assigned Bus Run(s). Fees apply.

Morning Study Session for Secondary Students

Secondary students riding the Secondary Campus Shuttle to CSPA or with siblings riding the Shuttle to CSA each morning are eligible to attend Morning Study Session at CSPA. This supervised study time gives families the option of dropping off their student(s) at either campus as early as 7:45 AM.