Description of Program

Charyl Stockwell Preparatory Academy Middle School is designed to develop a passion for learning in young adolescent students during this exciting transitional phase of their development. Our program offers a balanced emphasis on academic rigor, intellectual development, and character education as we prepare our students with the 21st century skills they will need to be productive and accomplished students and citizens.

As a high-performing middle school, CSPA Middle School is committed to providing an exploratory, engaging and challenging learning environment that incorporates the CSA District core philosophies and best practices that are specifically aligned to meet the needs of the middle school learner.

The faculty of CSPA Middle School holds their students in high regard and maintains an internal belief in the potential of all their students to achieve excellence. They are dedicated to providing quality learning experiences that will enhance their students’ understanding of themselves as learners and as people, and prepare them for entry into the rigorous and demanding high school college preparatory program.

Middle School students are immersed in an educational program where collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking and innovation are the norm. Our pedagogy includes instructional best practices such as cooperative learning, integrated curriculum, team teaching, differentiation and authentic assessment. The Middle School Program offers an intellectually rich array of elective courses such as “Debate and Psychology,” “Poetry and Poets,” “Community Service & Leadership,” foreign language, Shakespeare and other drama experiences, visual arts, mythology, band, choir and many other electives that enrich and expand the education of young adolescent students.

The CSPA Middle School program is designed to deliberately address the needs of the young adolescent, classrooms are multi-age, intellectually stimulating learning environments where advisory teachers guide and assist students through the self-evaluation, decision making and goal setting process.