Student Leadership & Activities

Student Government

The Mission of the CSPA Middle School Student Government is “to promote a sense of shared spirit amongst the middle school community, as well as the CSA district community, through the coordination of activities and events.”

The CSPA Middle School Government consists of six representatives. Candidates prepare an election speech, describing their qualifications and rationale for seeking a representative position, and submit their written speech to their Advisory Teacher, who approve/disapprove the speech prior to submission to the Faculty Sponsor of CSPA Middle School Government. Approved speeches are read, anonymously to the CSPA Middle School body followed by a secret ballot election to elect the representatives.

Middle School Student Government representatives have the opportunity to further develop the 21st century skills of leadership, communication, working collaboratively and creatively. They act as ambassadors for the middle school and model the CSPA core philosophies of high expectations, internal motivation, mastery learning, and Smart Character Choices.

Throughout the year the Middle School Student Government sponsors and coordinates different events such as Spirit Days, Activity Nights, Adopt-a-Family, Wellness Day and in conjunction with the National Junior Honor Society, the annual Book Bingo event at CSA elementary school.

Junior National Honor Society

The National Honor Society (NHS) is a leading organization that recognizes and involves outstanding middle and high school students across the nation. It is regarded as a concrete way to promote high academic standards, a means of ensuring the continuation of democracy, and an instrument for the betterment of the individual and the school. National Honor Society is for high school students, National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is for middle school students.

CSPA Middle School hosts a chapter of NJHS. Middle School students who are invited to join have met a number of requirements including the five pillars of honors society membership: character, service, leadership, citizenship, and scholarship. Invitation to apply to join NJHS occurs in the spring for students who will be third year Middle School students the following school year. Induction occurs in the fall.

Activities of the CSPA chapter of NJHS include sponsorship of a hat, glove and scarf drive in the winter, touring groups of Explorer (5th grade) students during their visit of the middle school and, in conjunction with the Middle School Student Government, running the annual Book Bingo event at CSA elementary school.