About Us

District Mission Statement

The mission of Charyl Stockwell Academy District is to provide a safe and enriching place for children to grow from early childhood through adolescence, while providing those children with specific learning activities that allow each of them to meet and exceed academic requirements in preparation for success in college, career, and life.

Description of CSA District

Charyl Stockwell Academy District is a high performing public school district that uses state of the art instructional best practices in a K-12 school setting. The district is made up of three schools: elementary, middle and college preparatory. The academic achievement record of CSA District places it among the top performing school districts in the county and in the state.

CSA Academy District elementary and secondary programs feature a continuous progress/mastery learning approach that allows all students to move at their own pace but expects all students to master the curriculum at 80% proficiency or better. Classrooms feature a small student to teacher ratio and instruction is always differentiated to address the needs and interests of each student. The K-12 program offers music, art, physical education, and foreign language, and incorporates a strong program for the academically gifted as well as a comprehensive system of support for students with learning challenges.

CSA District also uses a whole child approach that develops the sensory/physical, social/emotional and moral/character aspects of each child while making sure the school is a safe place where children can grow and learn in a high expectations academic/intellectual environment. The K-12 character education program, Smart Character Choices, was developed by the District and is research-based and nationally recognized. It includes the components of the most effective and thoroughly researched anti-bullying strategies and interventions. Students follow a code of conduct and defined uniform dress code that promote a wholesome and age-appropriate atmosphere.

The middle school implements an integrated and exploratory curriculum model that reflects exemplary middle school education supported by extensive research. The preparatory high school prepares students for college and life with a rigorous and demanding curriculum that includes honors and advanced placement classes alongside project-based learning activities and service learning opportunities. Band, choral music, art, physical education, robotics competition, athletics and other classes and after school activities complete the social milieu that is built around the developmental needs of adolescents.

Formed as a public school academy in 1996, CSA District now enrolls over 1,000 students. Even though the school has a private school atmosphere, it is publicly funded, governed by a publicly appointed Board of Education, and charges no tuition. Students are enrolled on a first come basis unless the demand exceeds space, in which case, an enrollment lottery is held. The annual open enrollment period is October through January for the following September, but enrollment can occur year round if openings become available. Both full and half-day Kindergarten is available. The elementary academy is located in Hartland; the secondary campus is located in Brighton. Transportation between campuses is provided, but parents must arrange for transportation to the schools from home.

For more information, complete the online Request Information form or contact our Admissions Coordinator, at 810-632-5473.