Performing Arts

The performing arts provide our students with a variety of skills to be used in the classroom but also in everyday life. Our students are creative; they are able to approach tasks from different perspectives and think outside of the box. They have confidence; they can deliver a message convincingly and command a stage, whether that is through acting or song.

Artistic creations are born through the solving of problems, how to turn words and notes into a story to share with others, the ability to focus on a key skill developed through ensemble work.

Keeping a balance between listening and contributing involves a great deal of concentration and focus. It requires that each participant not only think about their role, but how their role contributes to the whole of what is being created.

Reflecting and receiving constructive feedback about a performance is a regular part of any arts instruction. We teach students that reflection should become part of their daily lives. We incorporate the goal of improving skills and the ability to evaluate in every step of that process.

Our students are dedicated. When practice follows through with artistic endeavors that result in a finished performance, they associate that dedication with a feeling of accomplishment. They practice developing healthy work habits of being on time for rehearsals and performances, respecting the contributions of others, and putting effort into the success of the final piece.

Grammy Signature Schools Enterprise Award Video, 2014